What is it like to be in Online Dating?

What is it like to be in Online Dating?

Online dating is one of the partial ways of dating in which the success rate or the positive experience of the dating from online to offline is about 60 per cent only.  

Many people have a positive and successful finding of romantic partners online, whether they’re looking for something casual or for even long term. 

There is no doubt that dating online is one hell of an amazing experience. You meet new people online and without even seeing them directly, how do they look or what is their nature when somebody is around, you like them and you date them only by talking online or texting online. 

However, online dating is interesting to do, at the same time it has an equal risk because you don’t know that person and you don’t even know if it’s a guy or a girl on the other side of the app you are texting through and you are texting with.  

You need to be very conscious and alert with online dating. 

Well, to give you a clear understanding of what online dating is and what is it supposed to actually be like and getting into the depth of it, let us first understand what dating is and how is it different from an actual relationship. 

Dating is something that is mostly found in western societies where couples are more involved in a romantic bond with each other. 

Dating is a stage of romantic practice in a relationship. 

Dating is more like going on casual dates, hanging out and having intimacy. There is nothing to do with stability and commitment in a relationship. Things are pretty casual in dating. 

When two people like each other and like spending time with each other, but they don’t want to get into a commitment and long-term relationship, then they can go up for dating.  

It’s good to stay around with people whom you like dating. Because your bond stays pretty cool and healthy with each other. It is not a compulsory thing to be sharing every single thing of your day and life with your partner in dating. It’s just a matter of choice to share about your goods, bads, past, etc. And your partner cannot force you as well to spill things out of your mouth.  

Whereas it’s not the same in a relationship.  

Things are pretty much serious in a relationship.  

People get into a relationship when they are in love. But in dating people get together when they like each other. 

There is a huge difference between like and love. 

In love and relationships, people look for stability and growth with each other. They look for commitment and for a long term decision with their partner.  

You share every detail with your partner in a relationship. About your goods, bads, past, grief, honesty, etc., Each and every single thing is shared in a relationship. 

You don’t speak lies or hide anything from your partner in a relationship. It is a huge matter to do so. 

But in dating, it is okay to lie to your partner, or to hide things from your partner or to not tell anything to your partner, because as mentioned above in dating things are more casual and cool between a couple. 

Either of the partners is allowed to leave the relationship anytime they want, without the other trying to stop them and give it another chance in dating. 

Whereas in a relationship, people think more than twice even if they get a thought of leaving their partners in their minds.  

Till here, I guess it is pretty clear for you now to understand what dating is and what relationship is from the above information.  

You must have understood by now what is your status in your relationship or what all signs have you observed with your partner to give your bond a proper title. 

Even in today’s time, couples fear the judgement of people around them when they say they are dating.  

Let me tell you, people, dating is neither a sin nor a criminal offence. It is just an act of liking someone and to like spending more time with them.  

Dating is as normal as any other couple in a relationship. 

Due to the fear of judgements in society, couples confuse the concept of liking and dating someone with Loving and committing. 

With this fear of judgement, couples commit with each other, make false promises which they don’t actually mean with each other, forcefully involve families of each other and then end in trouble. 

In my view, the judgements should be passed away and choose what you want because if you fall in trouble, none of them from people judging you are going to walk in your shoes. 

So as we know how people react to the concept of dating, it makes online dating Even more difficult and taboo.  

Even though we have a number of online dating apps, even though they want to have a dating profile online to find their match, yet the majority of them hide their photos or details by adding fake information on these dating apps so that nobody sees and recognizes them. 

We should know that online dating is not a crime but creating fake profiles with wrong information definitely is a crime.  

Sometimes people tend to create profiles for fun or create a profile of somebody else using somebody else’s identity on an online dating site. It is not cool at all. You might fall into serious trouble and also end up hurting someone real bad. 

I know, I’ve been telling you the downside of online dating until above. It is because I want you to be cautious about choosing the right people online for dating. 

Besides just having dating sites online on the internet, these days we see people start dating online through social media as well.  

You may accidentally add someone on your Facebook or Instagram account but in times with the play of destiny, they might become a huge and the best part of your life. 

As a trend these days, since lockdown happened, people started meeting random people for online dating even through online games like Pubg as well. 

Looks like there is a huge scope for online dating everywhere. Because you can meet and interact with different people with different mindsets and you never know that you might find someone who has the same mentality as yours. 

You have both advantages and disadvantages equally of online dating balancing on a string. 

But let me just give you few tips for online dating to make it more safe and efficient for you. 

  • In online dating, make you talk, ask and know more about the opposite person. Either ask as equal as they are asking about you, trying to know you or you can ask more questions about them. Don’t hesitate or have a fear that you might embarrass yourself by asking so many questions about them. 
  • When you get a proper information about that person on who they are, what do they do, where do they live, what have they studied etc., with the collective information get your background research done about them through your various sources ‘ if you are interested in them’.  
  • Do not share any confidential information to your partner in online dating if you haven’t met them personally and known them real close personally. Sharing your confidential details can get threatening if they are not the right persons for you. 
  • When you get to know enough about each other through online dating, decide to meet and start hanging out more often with each other. Go on offline dates and spend time with each other. You never know, you may find the right bond for you in them. 

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