Best ideas to be a crazy romantic guy in your behavior and attitude 

Best ideas to be a crazy romantic guy in your behavior and attitude 

Stories are abundant about the break-ups after dating or even marriage. Though the couple probably may have some stated reasons, it can’t be the real one. The absence of romance in a relationship is the core cause for many unhappy endings. Starting with some real-life instances may convince you better how much romance can replace other external elements of love.  

There are two types of men in this world one who intensely loves his girlfriend but fails to express the intensity as he feels real. As his partner doesn’t feel loved while she spends time with him, the love goes without much romance and enjoyment even though he is an extreme lover inside his heart. This love can gradually dim and wear off in the absence of outright romance and open expression.  

Another type of man is the one who is very expressive about their love towards their partner though they have less interest in them. He showcases high romantic behavior and treats his partner with expressive love. Despite that this can’t be termed as real love, this tends to be more enjoyable and worthy for the girls. This can be a more romantic relationship than the real one.  

But in most such cases, you will find the diminishing rotation of romanticism leading to eventually breaking up. These couples excite each other, text all the time, share gifts and express all their feelings when the relationship is new. Over time they are seen bored of all these kinds of stuff and get unromantic. For this very reason, it can no longer be called a romantic relationship. For, a romantic relationship is characterized as alive and active. But as time goes on, most couple ignores the tiniest things they used to do to stay romantic and exciting all the time. In order to maintain an unbreakable relationship, it is very important to maintain a strong romantic behavior and attitude in your life.  

Understanding your partner’s interest in all things would be a better prerequisite to act according to that. Romantic behavior has to come from the deep heart and it is also natural. From movies and TV shows, you may have watched many such behaviors and gestures. With all that keeping in mind, you are fortuned to find some most pragmatic and easy-to-apply tips here that can make you a crazily romantic guy if you follow. Though it was designed for men, girls too can equally be beneficial. 

An experimented discovery  

A famous romantic guy replied when asked about how he maintains being so romantic to attract most of the girls he meets with. He stresses the attitude of men and women as very different. Men having a practical mindset thinks that what is worth it is to give a woman some kind of useless gifts like a dying flower or similar stuff while women as the most sentimental value it and cherish it with intense emotional arousal.  

In his opinion, a romantic guy knows that what kind of behavioral change and word techniques to use when dealing with women. He also learns to understand each woman’s mindset and act accordingly. As a first step towards it, a guy has to understand a girl’s mindset and change himself from being practical to sentimental for her. Thinking from a girl’s point of view about romanticism can make you strikingly romantic. Most men are of the view that my girlfriend or wife knows that I love her so that there is no need to reassure it.  

It is a delusion and a failed theory as far as romance is concerned. Girls love to hear that boys love them, the more they feel that their men love and care for them the more their love and affection will be towards the men. So, words reassuring love and care are the time-tested tool of every romantic guy. He has to make gentle conversation letting her know that how important she is to him. 

Having said all these theoretical aspects and instances, let us now seek some comprehensive tips to apply the theory learned above. Some simple tips suitable to all guys who are seeking to be more romantic in life are provided here. 

Being happy with her; will make them feel that seeing her makes you happy. Keeping a smile when you meet her will tighten your romantic bond with her and you unconsciously become romantic. 

Complimenting her; makes your girl feel cared for. Making some positive compliments towards even the smallest thing you notice in her as a change in her dressings and style provides her exciting feeling. 

Giving her some love text; makes her cherish that thinking about you and keeping the affection even in your absence. Write romantic things anywhere she notices about her. She would be surprised to have such unexpected joys and it would entertain her most. 

Giving a tight and affectionate hug; is an essential factor to feel and experience the meaning of romanticism. Hugging her romantically wrapping your arms around her will excite and arouse the feelings and emotions of love and care. It is characterized as the core of romanticism. 

Kissing her; is as important as hugging her so as to feel more intimate. Kissing all possible time whether she is working or sleeping or waking up or any other happy or sad situation will keep her energetic and affectionate to you. 

Holding her hand; is a very simple idea that most men don’t care about. It gives her and you the sense that you are hers and she is yours. Both of you are ascertaining to the world and your mind about your love. This can make you a romantic guy. 

Giving her a smooth massaging; while you are relaxing next to her, makes you more romantic. Gentle pampering at her hands, legs, and other spots make her and you crazily romantic. And one more thing to notice is that it is all about gentleness as it should be soothing and solacing for her. 

Sharing your day events with her; makes her feel that she is part of your life and you can also relax. Speaking about all stuff and seeking her suggestions can boost up her confidence and respect for you. 

Planning some romantic trip; allows you to spend some open moments free of constraints. Such trips can produce everlasting memories and create impression on the couple’s mind. It can also serve to know each other better. 

Giving her flowers and gifts; though you are not a fan of flowers or gifts, just giving your partner some gift for no reason and presenting her will make the situation extremely romantic. Feelings and emotions are communicated when you gift her even a little thing. 

Helping her and easing her job; is a soothing romantic activity. Being together in the kitchen for some household chores and opening your vehicle’s door when she is about to enter makes the spot an ever romantic. 

Having fun with her; makes her laugh and feel more comfortable. Spending time with her like children playing can mold the relationship into a more romantic one. 

In addition to all the above-mentioned practices, there are still things you can explore more into being romantic. It is not something that you research and do instead it should emanate from your thoughts. Using loved nicknames, walking together, dancing together, going to restaurants, shopping for good fragrance and applying it, and all other lovely kinds of stuff can have great romantic elements in your life. 

To conclude, forcing yourself to do these kinds of stuff is not going to work. Because romanticism has to come from your heart and that should accompany pure love. These are tips for you as a lover to create romance in your relationship which will of course work if you follow these guidelines. A love story without romanticism will be dull and not be a successful one. For a relationship to be exciting and loving, it must be romantic.  

And last but not least a relationship to be fantastically romantic, strong physical intimacy such as gentle touching, holding and hugging must be practiced. Further, it should accompany by nice words. A couple leading a romantic life is believed to live longer than others. So, stop reading further and begin actions I am sure that you are going to be a damn romantic guy.  

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